My name is John Thompson, and I’m the proud owner of this blog.
I am an artist, musician, and YouTuber, and practically live on the internet. I have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Klout, YouTube, and almost any other social media network you can think of….except MySpace. Never had an account there, never will:)
This blog has-or will have- anything from trending news, to ways to save- or make- money, and things like news about today’s tech. If you like any of these posts, share them with others. Sure, you can hit that like button, and even follow my blog, but when you share a post from my blog- or any other blog on WordPress, you help spread the great content the bloggers here- including myself- have created with WordPress.
If you have the time, share any post to Facebook, Twitter, or even Google+. Hey, maybe one of your friends or family members is really, really into technology and the latest gadgets. Maybe, just maybe, you have a co-worker that loves to save money in every little way that he possibly can. If you know someone, or if you know someone who knows someone else, and that other someone is really into the topic I posted about……share it with them!
As for the posting schedule, it’s not very specific- not at all.
So, there will be a new blog post at least every week, probably on the weekend. However, I may- and most likely will- post a few extra articles and news topics here and there throughout the week. That way, I can keep my creative juices flowing.
Finally, if you want to keep up to date with all of my recent posts, hit that follow button:)

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