Get Free Gift Cards & Apps With Your Mobile Device!

There are 2 LEGITIMATE ways to get free gift cards and apps with your mobile device- whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or an Android device.

1). Feature Points-

These apps will give you FREE gift cards, and even an iPad or Nexus-if you have enough points, that is. These apps work on a points system, which you complete tasks for points, in exchange for rewards. However, AppBounty and FeaturePoints are very, very different from the other sites out there, such as SwagBucks, InstaGC, and Points2Shop. But, how, exactly, are they any different than those? It’s simple:

You install the app on your device-compatible deices listed at the top of this article- and create an account. You also have the option to enter a Referral Code, which can get you extra points when you create an account, and, it will give the owner of the Referral Code an extra 50% of the points earned by the users than enter the Referral CodeThis also works Vice Versa.

But, that’s not all. With FeaturePoints and AppBounty, you only need to install and try apps on your device, and you will instantly get the points for that specific app.

With those points, you can buy gift cards for stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Steam, etc.

Use my referral code to get extra points: Y296XS OR

DM me your Referral Code once you have an account, and I’ll use yours, and tell other people.

When you use someone else’s Refferal Code, 2 things happen:
1). Whoever uses it gets extra points from the code
2). The person who gave the code will get an extra 50% in points from the people that used the code, even if it’s multiple people!


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