Alex Trebek Surprises All Of Us…In A Not So Good Way

Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy! & Jeopardy! Kids, had a little incident with one of the contestants for the Jeopardy! Kids show.

Alex had been hosting the show that night, and the show was about to reach the final round. However, one of the young contestants had gone into the red- a Jeopardy! term that means the contestant who goes in the red is not able to play in the next round. That contestant, a child, had gone backstage, and started crying because of what happened.

The girl was consoled by her mother, while Alex, who was the host of the show, didn’t even go backstage and console the contestant. Her mother was clearly upset.

The reason? Alex was asked to re-tape the intro to the show, and his reaction was astonishing. He stated, “If you all think I should re-tape the opening, I will.” Then he followed up with that by stating, “But I want to say that for 30 years I’ve defended our show against attacks inside and out. But it doesn’t seem to operate both ways. When I’m vilified, corporate (and certainly legal) always seems to say ‘don’t say anything and it’ll blow over,’ and I’m not feeling support from the producers, and that disappoints the s—t out of me.”

That, is why the producers, and the mother of the contestant, were horrified. Alex was later calmed down by producers, and continued on with the show.

If Alex would have quit early, it would be a disaster for Sony Pictures Television


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