Google And Nest Labs

Imagine Google teaming up with Nest Labs, knocking on your door, and ultimately coming to your house like the morning newspaper. And NEVER LEAVING…

That thought that you just had, has become a reality.

Recently, Google announced that it was buying out Nest Labs for a whopping $3.2 billion in cold hard cash. However, Nest only sells two products as of today (1/23/2014). And, these two products are only priced at $130 to $250 each. So, the ultimate question is….Why such a hefty investment?

It’s all because of the way Nest Labs works. They use exceptional algorithims for their high tech smart devices. And, their only products were designed to work together, so that they could be able to be as useful as possible. Now, with Google buying them out, there is no doubt in the world that Google will ultimately become integrated with current and future Nest Labs products.

So…is this good, or bad?

Well, it depends on what your views on Google are. If you think that Google collecting even more data than they already are is a good thing, then i guess you could say that it’s good. However, if you think Google invades your privacy by collecting all of this data (which it has been collecting ever since day one), then you could say it’s bad.

I want to know your opinions. How do you feel about this? Please leave comments.


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